Really safe parking at BER!


When parking at the airport, the safety of your car is usually your top priority. But have you ever wondered how safe your car really is?

We pride ourselves on not only providing you with convenient and reliable parking at Berlin Airport, but also ensuring a safe environment for your vehicle. In this article, we would like to show you how important safe parking at the airport is to us and what measures we take to protect your car in the best possible way.


Personal security and care around the clock

It’s happened before: You’re on a well-deserved holiday and suddenly your car’s vibration sensor alerts you. Newer vehicles have such gadgets. But what do you do now? Parked in the direct airport car park, hardly anyone will bother to go to your car and check if everything is OK. The anxiety will grow and remain at high tension until you have travelled back. Is that a relaxed holiday?

When you park with us, you can reach one of our staff 24/7. We will be happy to check your car and give you immediate feedback. So you can continue your holiday without having to worry.


Parking rotation next to you

We also know this from shopping and parking in the car parks there. The odd bumped door, loading scratch or other damage – who hasn’t experienced this themselves or among family and friends. We also ask ourselves this question when parking at the airport. Holidaymakers are usually away for one or two weeks and park their cars during this time. The only question is: how often has the parking space next to you been taken? How often did the extended family or the careless person get in or out of the car next to you and damage your car in the process?

In wise foresight, you took a photo of your neighbour. Because you want to make sure that you have the right culprit in your photo in case of a parking dent. But how many cars have parked next to you in the meantime? Who is the culprit? Unfortunately, the photo doesn’t help you here either.

Our parking spaces are under the best quality video surveillance. If you notice damage to your car when you leave – and let’s be honest, of course such things happen – we will analyse the video surveillance and see what happened. That way we can find the culprit very quickly. Fortunately, the vehicles are insured and you can claim the damage from the insurer of the person who caused the damage.


Comprehensive video surveillance

Look around: Of course, everyone advertises video surveillance in the parking area and safe parking at BER. But have you ever thought about what such video surveillance entails? With some providers, only the entrance and exit are covered by the camera, or there is only one camera on the entire site or floor of a car park. Is that safe, we ask? We call these “token cameras”, which are supposed to give you a feeling of security.

Our understanding of security is not! We have equipped our entire parking area with high-resolution cameras that monitor even the smallest corner.


Other security aspects

Actually self-evident for a car park:

  • Good lighting
  • Fenced car park
  • Closed off area
  • Monitored and guarded parking at the airport
  • Staffed all year round and all day long

People believe us: this is not the same for all providers either. With us, this is a prerequisite for security. Presence and good lighting – you know how it is with cars. Just recently, there was another theft at Leipzig Airport. There, parts were stolen from over 300 vehicles in the car park at the airport!

Actually, we don’t link externally, but here’s the article.

Why did this happen? Because the thieves calmly had time to scout out the vehicles and take them apart. That is not possible with us.


Does this security cost more?

Quite clearly: NO! The car park directly at the airport is still more expensive than we are, although we guarantee the better service and the higher security of your car.

Book your parking space at Dein Stellplatz – your premium parking space at BER Airport. We look forward to seeing you!



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