How to compare the different forms of transport when travelling to BER Airport

Anyone taking a short trip or even a longer trip and flying will sooner rather than later ask themselves a crucial question: Which means of transport should be used to get there? Each means of transport has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some means of transport score points with flexibility, others with time savings. To avoid time bottlenecks and stress, travellers should choose wisely – and find the right means of transport for their journey.


Travel to the airport by car – easy and flexible parking at Dein Stellplatz at BER

Many people choose to travel to the airport by car. Such a journey with one’s own car has serious advantages in direct comparison with other means of transport:

  • The journey is independent and flexible. You don’t have to stick to public transport times. Instead, you leave when it seems convenient to you. You can also plan breaks spontaneously, which is not the case with public transport.
  • There are virtually no luggage limits in the car. So you don’t have to struggle with the heavy bags, but stow them comfortably in the boot.
  • Another, not insignificant advantage is comfort. As a car driver, you don’t have to travel together with other passengers. Instead, you can sit back comfortably and travel exclusively with your family or friends.
  • After all, it is an advantage that your car is not parked unattended on the street for a long time during your journey. Some cars have had to be towed away for a fee during spontaneous road works. And that is certainly not safe.

Even if the advantages of travelling by car outweigh the disadvantages, there are also a few drawbacks. Because as comfortable as the car journey may be, this state of affairs comes to an abrupt end if there is an accident in front of you or a long traffic jam. In order to avoid time bottlenecks, you should set off in good time, just as you would with public transport.

Another point is the parking situation on site. A spontaneous search for a parking space directly at the airport often takes a lot of time. In addition, parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the terminal are often no bargain. The closer they are to the gate, the higher the costs.

To save money on parking at BER despite travelling by car, you should reserve a parking space at BER online in advance at Dein Stellplatz. During your journey, you can park your car in our parking spaces at a reasonable price and under video surveillance. Our parking spaces at BER Airport are manned and guarded 24/7. So you can start your holiday relaxed. With an online reservation you are well prepared for your holiday. If you book in good time, you can save up to 60% compared to the direct airport car park at BER.

Tip: In this context, think about what kind of parking space it should be!

The cheaper option is shuttle parking BER: Here you park in our parking space at BER. The free shuttle will take you directly to the terminal and pick you up there again. If you have less time and want more comfort, choose our valet parking BER. With this option, you hand over your car directly at the airport to one of our trained employees, who parks your car. You can walk directly to the check-in without delay.


Alternative to the car: Travelling by taxi

Time and again, travellers decide to leave their car behind and take a taxi instead. With this option, there is no need to search for a parking space. Instead, you get out at the airport and don’t have to worry about anything else. The advantage of a taxi is the comparatively relaxed journey. Unlike travelling by car, you don’t have to concentrate on driving. Instead, you can use the time you gain during the journey wisely.

The disadvantage of travelling by taxi is the potentially high volume of traffic. As soon as the car gets stuck in a traffic jam, you have to expect delays.

Another disadvantage is the cost factor: Travelling by taxi usually costs considerably more than if you travel with your own vehicle and park at Dein Stellplatz. The cost of a journey is double – don’t forget that!


Mit Bahn oder Bus zum Flughafen kommen

BER Airport is well connected to the public rail and public transport network. A one-way trip from the city centre to the airport often costs no more than a few euros. Buses or trains to the airport often run every 10 to 20 minutes. It is particularly worthwhile for certain groups of people to travel to the airport by train. Families with children enjoy the freedom of movement on the bus or train, which is greater than in a car. With a lot of luggage for the trip, however, it can make the journey more difficult for families. It probably depends on the age of the children.

The disadvantage of travelling by public transport can be the time factor. While there are no traffic jams, other delays on the route can cause significant delays. Some travellers also find the hectic boarding and alighting a stress factor. In addition, there is the weather and seasonal load: during the holiday season and rush hour, public transport is often overcrowded.

Another problem is that trains and buses do not run all night to BER Airport. So if you want to get on the first plane first thing in the morning and land again late in the evening, you have no option at all to use public transport. 


Have the neighbour or family bring it

To save costs, many like to have friends, family or neighbours drive them. As long as the journey is not too far, this is certainly an option. You can park for 10 minutes free of charge in the Kiss&Fly parking zone at BER. The 10 minutes are possible for up to three entries. From the fourth entry, the parking zone costs from the first minute.

But here, too, one should bear in mind that the journey must be both there and back. You certainly don’t want to call in this favour if there is no time, and what if there are longer waiting times on the return journey? From experience, we can currently report waiting times for luggage of up to two hours.


What is the right thing?

Ultimately, everyone must decide this for themselves individually. There is no right or wrong – but only a decision that is tailored to the individual case. The decisive factors are the distance to the airport, flight times and your own conditions.

If you decide to travel by car, we look forward to welcoming you to our car park at BER Airport.





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