Car parks at the airport vs. outdoor parking spaces at Dein Stellplatz

While multi-storey car parks at Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) offer covered parking options, Dein Stellplatz focuses exclusively on outdoor parking spaces. This decision is based on our philosophy of offering you not only cost-efficient, but also more personalised and secure parking options.


Why choose outdoor parking spaces at Dein Stellplatz?

Cost advantage:

Compared to the more expensive car parks at the airport, our outdoor parking spaces offer an affordable alternative without compromising on security and convenience.

Personalised service:

In contrast to the anonymity of multi-storey car parks, Dein Stellplatz attaches great importance to personal service. Every vehicle is seen and looked after by us, which guarantees individualised treatment.

Proactive security measures:

Although video surveillance is common in car parks, Dein Stellplatz goes one step further. If your vehicle is unlocked or a window is left open, our security staff will take immediate action to protect your property. If necessary, a window that has been left open will be taped up and unintentionally unlocked vehicles will be monitored particularly closely. If the customer has left the key with us, we will of course ensure that the vehicle is securely locked.

Regular inspection rounds:

Our trained security staff carry out regular patrols to ensure the safety of all parked vehicles. This additional layer of security offers protection that goes beyond mere video surveillance.



The choice between a multi-storey car park at the airport and an outdoor parking space at Dein Stellplatz depends on your personal preferences. If you value low-cost parking, personalised service and proactive security measures, Dein Stellplatz’s outdoor parking spaces are the ideal choice for you.




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