The most FAQ from our Customers when it comes to Parking at BER Airport!

The 2023 peak travel season is upon us! We notice that it is always the same questions that air travellers ask when it comes to parking at the airport. We at have dealt with the most frequently asked questions and provide short and concise answers:


How much does parking cost at Berlin BER Airport?

This is probably the most frequently asked question when it comes to parking at BER. The parking fees at Berlin BER Airport vary depending on the length of parking and the parking space. You can find a detailed price list for the different parking areas on the airport’s official website. The “Terminal Parking Garage” offers hourly billing, while the parking spaces “P1, P2 and P3” are suitable for long-term parking. Parking directly at the terminal in one of the airport car parks is a good option, but our parking service will convince you not only because of the low-cost parking at BER, but also because of our service.

On our website you will find both the right parking space and the corresponding prices. Simply select “Parking Berlin Brandenburg” and the date of arrival and departure. You will immediately see the lowest price and can book the parking product that suits you best online.


How long can I park for free at BER?

Here we also answer the questions: Where can you park at BER to pick someone up?

The short-term car park at BER Airport offers 10 minutes of free parking on the arrivals level as well as on the departures level. The licence plate number is recorded at the barrier so that it is possible to track the time spent in the short-term parking area to the minute. The airport offers the possibility to use this time three times. So you can actually leave before the first 10 minutes are up and repeat the whole thing twice. The prices are as follows:

Short-term parking rates BER Airport Berlin Brandenburg
3 times per day up to 10 minutesfree of charge
up to 15 minutes3,00 €
up to 30 minutes6,00 €
up to 45 minutes 9,00 €
up to 1 hour12,00 €
every additional started hour12,00 €

For three hours of parking you can easily pay 36€…

If you have to stay longer at the airport, you can book your parking space for a day with us at Dein Stellplatz. In low season it costs only 18,90€, in high season only 28,90€ maximum.


How much earlier should you be at BER?

In any case, always plan a time buffer for your journey to BER airport. As a rule, you should arrive at the airport 2.5 hours before departure. We also recommend this arrival time for passengers without checked baggage. This is because it is impossible to predict how much time the security check and the walk to the departure gate may take. In October 2022, passengers who were at the airport 4 hours before arrival missed their flight. Keep up to date with the news and plan to arrive early in any case. It’s better to sit relaxed at the airport and enjoy a coffee or cold drink than to have to rush to the gate!


What parking options are available at Berlin BER Airport?

There are various parking options available at Berlin BER Airport to meet the different needs of passengers. The “Terminal Parking Garage” is located directly opposite the terminal and is ideal for short-term parking. It offers convenient and quick access to the terminal building. For long-term parking, you can use the “P1, P2 and P3” car parks, which are a little further away.

Alternatively, we recommend booking your parking space at BER at “Dein Stellplatz” near Berlin BER Airport.


Is parking at Berlin BER Airport safe?

Yes, parking at Berlin Airport is safe. Both the “Terminal Parking Garage” and the parking spaces “P1, P2 and P3” at the airport offer security measures such as lighting and video surveillance at the entrances and exits.

If this is not enough for you, then Dein-Stellplatz is the right place for you. The security measures are hard to beat:

Full-HD video surveillance
24/7 manned and guarded car park
comprehensive lighting
fenced and locked car park
P1 car park surrounded by an additional wall

If you want to park your car safely at BER Airport, Dein Stellplatz is the right place for you.


Are there shuttle services from the car park to the terminal at Berlin BER Airport?

Yes, shuttle services are available at Dein Stellplatz, Parken am Flughafen Berlin to take you from the car park to the terminal. The shuttle buses regularly take you quickly and comfortably to the terminal. The shuttles run at short intervals so that you don’t have to wait long and arrive at the terminal on time. These shuttle services ensure that your journey runs smoothly and facilitate the transfer between the car park and the terminal.

You can find more detailed information about the departure times from car park P1 and car park P2 on our website under “Locations-Parking options”.


Can I book my parking space at Berlin BER Airport in advance?

Yes, you should definitely book your parking space at Berlin BER Airport in advance. On our website you will find the online booking system, which allows you to select your desired parking space and make the booking. This gives you the advantage of securing your parking space in advance and most likely benefiting from special offers or discounts.


How long can I park my car at Berlin BER Airport?

At Berlin BER Airport you can park your car for different parking durations. Simply select your arrival and departure dates and the price calculator will show you the costs. At Dein Stellplatz you can also request your individual price, we are and remain flexible!


Are there long-term parking spaces at Berlin BER Airport?

Yes, there are parking facilities for long-term parking at Berlin BER Airport. The parking spaces “P1, P2 and P3” are specially designed for long-term parking. But would you like to leave your car unattended at the airport for a longer period of time? We offer you not only secure parking spaces at BER for long-term parking, but also unbeatable prices. Please note that you should book your parking space in good time, as early booking offers are no longer available for short-term bookings and it is also possible that we are fully booked due to high demand.


Are there barrier-free parking spaces at Berlin BER Airport?

Yes, we at Dein Stellplatz, Parken am Flughafen Berlin BER have barrier-free parking spaces to meet the needs of passengers with limited mobility. These parking spaces are located near the shuttle buses and are specially reserved for people with disabilities or reduced mobility. The parking spaces are wider and offer sufficient space to allow barrier-free access. It is strongly recommended to book in advance to ensure that an accessible parking space is available at Berlin BER Airport.



Are there parking facilities near Berlin BER Airport?

Yes, there are parking facilities near Berlin BER Airport provided by private parking providers such as “Dein Stellplatz”. These parking spaces are located in the immediate vicinity of the airport and offer a convenient, safe and cost-effective alternative to parking directly at the terminal. You can book online in advance and we often offer attractive rates for different parking durations. Prices for parking near the airport include shuttle services to get you to and from the terminal quickly and conveniently.

Is your question not answered? Feel free to contact us at Dein Stellplatz. We will be happy to help you personally!



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