BER Runway – With a reserved time slot at Berlin Brandenburg Airport through the security checkpoint

That’s a good idea from BER Airport:

With the BER Runway, you can have an extra entrance directly to the security check in Terminal 1 and thus avoid longer waiting times.

Interesting in view of the upcoming autumn holidays and perhaps a necessary time-saver for one or the other.

The aim of this runway is that the waiting time until the actual start of the security check should be around 5 to 10 minutes. You can book the runway three days before your flight. You will need your flight number and your e-mail address. The time slot you book should be at least two hours before departure. The last bookable time slots are one hour for Schengen flights and one and a half hours for non-Schengen flights before departure. Please allow sufficient time between the time slot and parking at our car park at BER, including transfer to the airport and the walk to the security check. Please also bear in mind that you may still have to check in and check your luggage. The booked time slot is valid ten minutes before and ten minutes after the specified time. If you are unable to use the booked time slot for any other reason, you can still use all other access points to the security checkpoints even if you have missed your reservation.

It would be nice if the theory could be put into practice as well. We will keep you informed!

You can also find current questions and information on the BER Airport website. You can book your time slot here!



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